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برنامج الكتابه 3D على الصور والفيديو BluffTitler PRO : تحميل مباشر

BluffTitler PRO

برنامج رائع وسهل الاستخدام يساعدك على صنع تواقيعك وصورك ونصوصك
بحركات جميلة ثلاثية الابعاد . برنامج BluffTitler هو أسهل طريقة لإضافة
تأثيرات 3D مذهلة للصور والفيديو!

Create dazzling 3D titles for your videos with BluffTitler DX10. Want to impress your friends and clients with cool 3D titles? But don't want to spend a fortune on professional 3D animation and video titling software? BluffTitler is the easiest way to add spectacular 3D text animations to your photos and videos! Other 3D programs always seemed too hard to learn and too expensive to justify. But thanks to BluffTitler, I can finally create all of the cool animations I only dreamed of before!

Effects that can be created with BluffTitler include
-golden beveled titles
-blood dripping titles
-JPG textured titles
-MPG textured titles
-slimy titles
-hairy titles
-exploding titles
-reflection mapped titles
-twisted titles
-cartoon shaded titles
-golden glowing titles
-spooky lightened titles
-titles with silver spikes
-jumbling titles
-inverted titles
-bouncing titles
-powerfield emitting titles
-titles with flying hearts
-pumping titles
-plasma backgrounds
-background videos morphing into donuts
-particle effects
-MP3 audio
-morphing JPG pictures
-exploding video backgrounds
-fractal backgrounds

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